1st Paraguayan Genetics Day

Participants who have registered for the congress will be able to participate without additional cost on the 1st Paraguayan Genetics Day. However, anyone in the general public that only wishes to participate of in the 1st Paraguayan Genetics Day will have to pay the following fees: 40 USD (professionals), and 30 USD (students) for registration. For the presentation of abstracts, all potential participants should follow the same regulations mentioned for the Alamcta Congress.

Additional courses during the Congress

  1. Mutagenesis course *.
  2. Biological dosimetry course *.
  3. Course on radioprotection *.
  4. Mentoring course (primarily aimed at teachers and students) *.

* The courses will be given simultaneously to the Alamcta Congress, and the 1st Paraguayan Genetics Day. All courses will have an additional fee of 30 USD.